You Have Entered Samantha’s Fantasy & Fetish Playground

Welcome, my Dears, to my playground of everything from the vanilla to the extreme to the bizarre. I am Miss Samantha, and I will be your guide on this sensual, sexy, incredibly erotic adventure! Read on for a brief synopsis on what engagement with me in Fantasy Land is like…

Virtual and Phone Sex Mistress Samantha’s Fantasy and Fetish Foray is an erotic playground for the intelligent, professional, educated, and discriminating male who desires much more than just average, commonplace, generic, dime-a-dozen “dirty talk” in his erotic telephone entertainment.

Ignite Your Phone Sex Fantasies With an Expert in Eroticism

To meet those expectations of the highest quality and truly exceptional fantasy  fulfillment,  I will enthusiastically and most effectively lead you through an unmatched erotic and sensual exploration of your deepest secret sexual fantasies and fetishes, and, using my vast experience, impressive intelligence, wild creativity, and vivid imagination, I –Mistress Samantha– will vividly bring your wildest, naughtiest fantasies to life.

A Virtual Sexual Experience Tailored To You

One of the things I enjoy most in my clients is the great diversity of turn-ons, triggers, and sexual hot spots, which send them soaring into sexual ecstasy when developed successfully. Listening (to what is said and NOT), paying close attention, collaborating, and tailoring my “methods” to each individual’s needs are all important parts of giving YOU the most exquisite phone experience possible, which is always my ultimate goal.

Sharing Your Sexuality In a Safe and Supportive Environment

During our time together, you and I are partners, virtual lovers, and sometimes even friends. You see, I am whatever you need in a woman. I am THE woman who will allow, encourage, and join you in sharing and experiencing those deep, compelling fantasies that you dare not disclose to anyone you know in person. In my realm, you are at home, a home in which you are heard, understood, accepted, and supported unconditionally and without fear of judgment.

Pushing the Boundaries of Your Fantasies, Fetishes, and Reality

My playground is yours, and I will push you to enjoy yourself in an unrestrained and completely uncensored frenzy of wild abandon. Your longing is my longing. Your desires are my desires. Your pleasure is my pleasure. You are free to be whomever and whatever you like, and I will aggressively fan the flames of your excitement and yearning for sexual liberation within your fantasies.

With me, the wide-open world of fantasies fulfilled is yours for the taking. That erotic openness and freedom for which you have always longed is no longer a dream; it is now very real.

Are You Ready For an Unmatched Erotic Adventure?

So… Let me extend to you my official “Welcome!” my Dear. You have now found your fantasy and fetish Paradise… a Nirvana of exquisite sensual, lascivious, and carnal delights, where nothing is taboo or forbidden. The sky is the limit. Now… Relax, take a deep breath, and let our erotic exploration begin!

If I have yet to capture your complete attention, read more about me and just what I have to offer you on my About Mistress Samantha page…

2 Responses to You Have Entered Samantha’s Fantasy & Fetish Playground

  1. willard billings/ nancy jenkins says:

    this may sound off the wall however I would love to be forced to dress fully in woman’s clothing and then blackmailed for it. The goal would to force me into dressing enfemme full time and haveing to as told. if this is with in your graspe please let me know

  2. Hi there! Actually, the scenario you describe wanting to experience is not an uncommon one. For some, there is an indescribable rush of excitement -the thrill of being dressed intermingled with the fear of exposure- in being forced to dress and threatened with being revealed if instructions are not followed. I would be happy to discuss this in more depth with you via e-mail or Yahoo Instant Messenger (fetishvixensam) in order that I can get more details from you and determine where we should begin.

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